The goal of BirdGazer.net is to set up an array of birdhouses
across the USA so you can view bird activity
in an area different than your own.

BirdGazer.net is a manufacturer of unique webcam bird houses.

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2 weeks ago
Bird Gazer

This week things got mean in the Chickadee nest. She ended up with 6 eggs and was sitting them. All seemed fine until the interloper Wren, who visited before, proved it really had dark intentions after all. One day the Chickadee had three eggs, then none. For the last three eggs I had the camera on and was watching from my office, but in a three or four minute gap when I was away from the camera, and the Chickadee must had left for that moment too, the Wren made it's move and destroyed the rest of the eggs. The Chickadee moved on after that. The next day the victor Wren cleared out most of the nest and installed it's own. This could be a false nest, it may have another to show off. I'm giving it a week and if no activity I'll clear the box out. At the start of this video you can see the Chickadee challenging someone trying to get into the nest. Mike T. from Maryland, www.birdgazer.net ... See MoreSee Less

3 weeks ago
Bird Gazer

It seems that this particular Chickadee nest is the go to place for other users. The carpenter bee still visits and now the nest is being inspected by a Wren with it's own nest on the other side of the building they are at. I hope it does not damage any Chickadee eggs out of some territorial spite. I'll post later, you can't see it right now, but under the fluffy goat hair are hidden eggs. Mike T. from Maryland, www.birdgazer.net ... See MoreSee Less

1 month ago
Bird Gazer

The nest building is moving on. As I thought the Chickadee placed lots of fluffy goat hair on top of the moss that was first placed in the house. It looks like a cozy place to nest. The chickadee chilled for thirty minutes inside the bird house doing nothing. When she left a visitor dropped by. It must be looking for a cozy place too. I guess even birds don't like being startled by bugs. Mike T. from Maryland, www.Birdgazer.net ... See MoreSee Less

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