Our Story

Welcome to Birdgazer.net! We are a manufacturer of unique quality Nest-Cam birdhouses and a customer contributing wild bird video viewing and share site. By ordering from here you can get started watching wild birds nesting up close live on your computer. A  Birdgazer.net USB infrared to color or color video camera birdhouse comes with three interchangable doors, each having different holes sizes to accommodate various size and type birds. Just change out the doors as you wish during the nesting season to attract the type of bird you want. Included as a Free Bonus with a purchase of a BirdGazer.net camera birdhouse is a Standard Blue Bird House and a Suet/Peanut Butter Seed feeder to add to your bird watching enjoyment!

BirdGazer.net products are special. Made in the U.S.A. with timber harvested from Urban Logging, no tree is cut down unless it had to be. BirdGazer.net birdhouses are made from trees that either came down in storms or were considered dangerous and had to be removed by a tree arborist from some urban setting. This process helps the environment by giving new life to trees that may have been wasted.This also means that BirdGazer.net products are made from a wide variety of lumber. Some examples of the lumber are: Cherry, Walnut, Pine, Spruce, Maple, Oak, Hickory, Ash, Red Cedar and Popular. Each product is identified by the wood species it’s made out of and the reason for the harvest. Variety is also built into the product line. With raw materials coming in a random fashion, the product line is constructed differently from month to month. Some birdhouses may contain different species of wood, many are from the same raw material intake. All is used and nothing is wasted at BirdGazer.net.

After you receive your purchase and get set-up, you will get to watch birds find the birdhouse, make a nest, lay eggs and grow from the comfort of your PC! As events progress you can use your PC and record small video segments and then email them to BirdGazer.net for all to see and share. Viewing and recording is easy with Microsoft’s Movie Maker app (if already installed on your PC) or with the ‘Camera’ option for viewing webcams which is included in Windows 8 or 10. Video segments can be your favorite highlights of nest building, hatching, growth and the final days of the birds in the nest. It could also be some other event which you witnessed and want to share.

The goal of BirdGazer.net is to create a array of customer contributing nest sites across all fifty US States so all can see and share what types of birds they have in their backyards. Birds that are common in one part of the country my not be common in another. Variations of the same species of birds can been seen by comparing nesting sites from one side of the country to the other. As the BirdGazer.net website develops you will be able to see patterns of what type of birds are where and in what numbers. Birdwatching is now made easy and fun from the comfort of your home computer. Enjoy with BirdGazer.net!