Set-up and placement

Before you receive your order you may want to decide the best birdhouse placement and from were you will be doing the viewing. If you have a set place for your home computer, consider that as the starting point for laying out the unit. From there plan the route for the cable to travel to the camera birdhouse’s mounting position. Note: the birdhouse should be mounted firmly on a tree, post, wall or fence that will be out of the way of any activity that may disturb it or scare off birds. Make sure the cable route is out of the way of people and pets. Place it out of the way of cars and lawnmowers.
Choose a spot to place the camera birdhouse. Some tips can be found in the Placement Tips section of Once the spot is located you will secure it firmly with the screws provided. Your prep planning should be complete at this point. You will have a starting point, your computer, the route the cable will take and a end destination at the camera birdhouse.