Where to connect cable and plug

Where to connect Booster/Extender cable and 3.5mm ‘cheater’ plug

Before or after testing, planning, running the cable and installing your BirdGazer.net birdhouse at the location you want, proper connection to your computer is needed. If you are using Microsoft’s Movie Maker app you must first plug in the provided 3.5mm ‘cheater’ plug into the computer’s microphone jack. This will provide the needed connection for the Movie Maker app which is seeking a microphone connection. Review the Movie Maker Demo Video on BirdGazer.net for basic info on it’s operation. If you are using the Camera tile option provided with Windows 8 or 10, the cheater plug is not needed. Next, plug the male end of the USB booster/extender cable of the video camera birdhouse into the (a) USB port of your computer. Testing may be required to find your computer’s ‘dominant’ port. Each time you plug in the USB male end, (if you have multible locations) click the webcam icon on the app you are using and test the signal. The right location is found when the video image is clear. You are now ready to start watching nesting birds once they come.


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