Placement tips

How to run the video line out of the house.

Method of Exit

1. Straight away from the house

If your property has a side that does not get frequent activity at all, like a fixed garden or hedging, this could be a great location to route the the cable and place the camera birdhouse. Within this boundry find a spot to place the camera birdhouse. If there is nothing to mount it to, place a post into the ground as a solution. Make sure the post is at least six feet off the ground for a minimum height. This placement will keep the camera birdhouse out of the way and safe. A buried conduit is recommended for the cable. If your garden is large enough try to position it in a blind spot from inside your house. This will give nesting birds privacy. Make sure the birdhouse opening is facing away from the direct light of the sun. The USB camera is sensitive. Too much light (like sunrise directly into the house opening) will blind the camera temporarily until the sunlight angle is higher and above the birdhouse.

2. On the side of your house

With this method the cable will leave the house (by window, door or drilled hole) and follow the side of your house to the camera birdhouse mounting place on a wall side of your home. The cable, depending on the type of wall covering you have, can be secured to the side of your home along the route to the birdhouse. This is the same case for the camera birdhouse. The birdhouse must be firmly mounted to it’s resting surface. Mounting on loose material or thin siding may not provide a good holding surface. If you do not want to mount the camera birdhouse directly to your home, place a post next to the house as a placement site.

Try to position the camera birdhouse in a location which is a blind spot from the inside of the house and is away from normal pedestrian comings and goings. If you can’t see the birdhouse, the birds may not see you and get scared off. Make sure the birdhouse opening is away from direct sunlight.

Using your house wall surface to mount the camera birdhouse gives you the opportunity to use those out of the way spots birds may find as safe locations from weather and danger. These are also great locations which provide a little more cover protection for your birdhouse from weather exposure. This will extend the life of your birdhouse. These locations include under house eves and the upper portion of the gable ends of your home, or under a covered porch on a quiet side of the house.  Most of these areas do not see much human activity and are usually away from windows and doors. Consult a professional home contractor if climbing ladders and drilling holes is not something you do.

3. Mounted on a tree next to house

You may have a tree close to your home. This will provide a good natural location for the camera birdhouse. Choose a exit method out of your house and route the cable toward the tree and the mounting place of the camera birdhouse. A buried conduit for the camera cable is recommended. This will make sure the cable is out of the way of anything which may disturb it. Use caution or obtain professional help when using ladders against the tree during the camera birdhouse mounting phase.

4. Along a fence line

If your house has a fence line coming off a side of the building, you might have a good spot to place your camera birdhouse. Choose a cable exit method out of the house. If your fence is a wood stockade type fence it will be tall enough to mount the camera birdhouse directly to it. If your fence is a shorter wood fence or a short metal constructed fence, use a buried wood post as a solution. Bury the post right next to the fence. Make sure the post is above the ground a mimimum of six feet. The cable can be routed and attached to the fence to keep it out of the way. Use caution if your fence is barbed wire. Avoid this installation method if your fence line is electrified. Choose another location and route. If your fence is a tall metal type chain link, attach a wood plank to the fence and then mount the camera birdhouse to it. Attach the cable to the fence to keep it out of the way.